Network Alliances

CRDS Nepal is expanding its networks and alliances to fulfill its vision and mission. It is a member of various federations, associations and networks. Expanding networks and alliances is a strategic move for CRDS Nepal, as it allows CRDS to leverage resources, share knowledge, and collaborate with other entities.

1 Humanitarian Partnership Platform (HPP)
2 Global Network of Civil Society Organization for Disaster Reduction(GNDR)
3 Safe Motherhood Network Federation Nepal(SMNF)
4 Child NGO Federation -Nepal(CFN)  
5 NGO federation Nepal  
6 Disaster Preparedness Network-Nepal (DPNeT-Nepal)  
7 Sustainable Sanitation Alliance(SuSanA)  
8 Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council(WSSCC)  
9 Children as Zone of Peace (CZOP) Nepal  
10 WHO Civil society commission  
11 People In Need (PIN)/Civil Society Now(CSN)  
12 National campaign for education-Nepal/Global Campaign for Education (GCE)  
13 South Asian  Conference on Sanitation(SACOSAN) Network  
14 Asia Pacific Regional CSO Engagement Mechanism(APRCEM)  
15 National Campaign for Sustainable Development(NACASUD-Nepal)  
16 Federation of Drinking Water and Sanitation Users Nepal (FEDWASUN)  
17 Menstrual Health Management Practitioners Alliance(MHMPA)  
18 Civil Society Alliance For Nutrition Nepal (CSANN)  
19 Nepal SDG’s Forum(NSDG’SF)